Introducing the Holloway Group

The Holloway Group is here! We’re an Australian owned and operated organisation that is pioneering results in our fields of expertise, drawing from three generations in Australian research and development, design, tooling, engineering and manufacturing. Our strong history of experience coupled with an innovative appetite creates success through partnerships and passion. The Holloway Group is a more centred representation of who we are from the range of products we offer and continue to develop, through to the service based model that has helped countless organisations over the years successfully commercialise and grow new ideas from concept to reality.

Our existing brands will operate as usual with the same trusted service, quality ISO certified, Australian made products, manufactured and delivered using state of the art infrastructure, cutting edge technology and our unwavering commitment to customer service.

Our customers are the lifeblood of our organisation and our most important stakeholder; we’re focused on generating value for our clients through creative thinking & innovation, environmental awareness, sound business acumen and a team that will go the extra mile to ensure we’re exceeding expectations, day in, day out. Where solutions and products don’t exist, we create them. We redefine possibility.

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