Ausdrain EnviroModules™ offer sustainable Underground detention tank Solutions

During the recent construction of a new community health facility in far south-west NSW, the project's construction company needed a cost-effective, hard-wearing and sustainable underground detention tank solution beneath the new facility.

The original design detailed an in-situ concrete tank. However, the Ausdrain EnviroModule2 Tank, constructed of Extra Duty 4 Brace EnviroModules, was put forward as a solution due to its list of benefits, including ease of installation, cost-effectiveness and sustainability.

Ausdrain EnviroModules offer a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to concrete tanks.

This Ausdrain modular underground tank system consisted of 754 Extra Duty EnviroModules and 26 FlushMax Modules. Each individual Extra Duty Module (also known as crates) was assembled from four 600x450 sides and four 400x450 braces. Initially, the prefabricated welded waterproof liner, surrounded on both sides by a layer of geotextile, was positioned in the excavated pit. The assembled EnviroModules were then placed inside the liners, beside and on top of each other, to create the tank structure and were then sealed inside the liners before backfilling. A row of the Ausdrain FlushMax Modules was also incorporated into the tank to provide access via concrete pits for inspection, maintenance and cleaning of the system.

In this instance, using the Ausdrain EnviroModule2 system, saw the project completed ahead of schedule when compared to a concrete tank, while still complying with the client’s needs and expectations for the project.

The Ausdrain EnviroModule2 underground tank system is a practical and cost-effective solution for underground water storage requirements and is ideal for both residential and commercial rainwater harvesting tanks, infiltration tanks and onsite detention tanks. The EnviroModule is available in Standard Duty (3 brace), Extra Duty (4 Brace) or Heavy Duty (5 Brace) variations to suit the traffic demands on the finished installation.

Ausdrain EnviroModules are fast and easy to assemble.

A wealth of benefits arose from choosing Ausdrain and the EnviroModule2 for this project. The system is made in Australia from industrial-strength, 100% recycled plastic which provides the same strength as virgin plastic while being better for the environment. Because there was no concrete used in the installation, this entire process, including supplying and installing the tank, eliminated the need for any formwork, concreting or waterproofing to be undertaken. As well, any associated safety and quality risks were eliminated completely.

Moreover, as the Ausdrain EnviroModule2 is manufactured in Australia, the tank was ordered, supplied, and installed within a matter of days. The modules themselves arrive flat-packed on pallets and each 4 brace EnviroModule can be assembled in under two minutes. Lastly, each assembled module weighs between four and five kilos, allowing for safe manual handling.

Ausdrain EnviroModules arrive flat-packed on pallets, to optmise shipping and space on site.

Overall, the Ausdrain EnviroModule2 allows for the installation of a modular underground tank of almost any size or volume to fit within the available footprint, thus giving vast options for stormwater detention, infiltration and rainwater harvesting, while at the same time allowing for maximum use of the ground area above and remaining a cost-effective and sustainable solution.

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