Ocean Bound plastic
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Ocean bound plastic is plastic waste that is collected and processed before it reaches the ocean's shore or from the shoreline itself. The processing of ocean bound plastic prevents hundreds of thousands of tonnes of waste that could pollute waterways and the ocean and threaten the life of wildlife that inhabit them. Learn more about the journey of how we process ocean bound plastic and how it becomes the durable, strong and sustainable products you can now purchase in Australia.

The ocean bound plastic range:
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Why buy products made from OBP?


In Australia, 84% of plastic waste is sent to landfill and takes thousands of years to decompose. To put this into perspective, that's 2.1 million tonnes or 42 million 600ml PET water bottles EVERY SINGLE YEAR. Collecting waste before it hits the ocean and ends up in landfill helps to reduce the amount of waste overall and reduces the environmental impacts of landfill.


By buying ocean bound plastic, talking about it to friends and family, posting about it on socials or advocating for its use in your business or workplace, you broaden the conversation about the environmental impact of how we live and work. As stakeholders of our environment, community, Government and business sectors all have a part to play.


Our individual choices send a message and create change in our world. Through the purchase of products made from ocean bound plastic, you not only reduce the amount of plastic waste polluting the environment, or create safer spaces for ocean wildlife, you support the recycling and reuse of plastic in sustainable ways. THANK YOU.

For more information on Ocean Bound Plastic, plastics facts and useful resources on the circular economy, visit the Ocean Bound Plastics website (www.oceanboundplastic.com.au).


Making sustainable materials options available to our customers and the general public, the more impact we can collectively create in our world.

Thank you for your support of sustainable materials available from Holloway Group and its suite of hero brands.