holloway Group core values
Our core values underpin Holloway Group's operation, staff behaviour and company culture. They also represent the values we deliver to our clients, partners and community.

Safety is part of our culture and our highest priority; a value considered with each decision made by management, supervisors, administrators and field employees. As a manufacturer, we encourage all employees to keep safety at the forefront of every action.


Continually striving to reduce our waste and carbon footprint, and to promote environmental initiatives to minimize our impact on the environment. 

Customer Commitment.png
customer commitment

We strive to meet or exceed customer expectations by providing an unrivalled experience; high level of quality service, reliability, accountability and responsiveness. 


Our company is only as good as its people; we respect one another and instill a team culture of unity and openness through ongoing coaching and mentoring so we as an organisation can continue to grow and improve.


We are committed to accepting responsibility for our actions and behaviors. We live and breathe the fundamental principles of accountability and responsibility. 

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Proudly australian


We are strongly committed to keeping our products manufactured in Australia. Continually reinvesting in our production facility as well as expanding our range of products and services, ensures we stay Australian made and keeps Australians in jobs.